2019 Christmas Ornament: Historic Rose Mont

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Rose Mont was built by Judge Josephus Conn Guild for his family, beginning in 1836 and completed in 1842. At its height, the once 500-acre property was a thoroughbred horse and cattle farm that entertained notable guests including former Presidents James K. Polk and Andrew Johnson. The architecture is a blend of Greek Revival and Palladian Styles. These architectural styles were not commonly seen in Middle Tennessee homes of the era. Taking frequent trips to Louisiana, Judge Guild became impressed by the Creole-style homes he encountered and added loggias and galleries to connect separate wings, wide porches, and created open-air halls. The main façade of the home employs a classic Italian design by Andrea Palladio, whose influences are seen in the design of many mid-19th-century plantation houses in the south. The name, Rose Mont, was derived from a large rose garden that Judge Guild’s wife, Catherine Blackmore Guild, maintained on the north side of the house. This rose garden has been beautifully restored and maintained.   Judge Guild was a successful judge, lawyer, legislator, advocate, soldier, and horseman. During the mid-1800s, when Sumner County was the center of horse-racing in America, Rose Mont produced some of the finest sires, dams, and racers in the industry. His most notable horses were Beeswing, Jack Malone, and Hiawatha.  In 1978, Rose Mont was listed on the National Register of Historic Places under the name Rosemont. It was occupied by members of the Guild family from its construction until 1993 when it was acquired by the City of Gallatin and the Rose Mont Restoration Foundation. The home is located at 810 S. Water Avenue in Gallatin, Tennessee, and is open for guided tours seasonally.

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